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Why we have developed the SAP PI End2End Process Monitor

Business process monitoring, long time buzzword and too often underestimated as ‘yet another theoretical idiom’, now becomes more and more recognized among SAP PI customers. Having answered the painful questions of stability and performance issues, we now turn towards the ‘black hole’ of meaningful and comprehensive monitoring. Be prepared: efficient monitoring of SAP PI based business processes enters the stage.

The operation of an effective end-to-end monitoring empowers business users to supervise their SAP PI based processes efficiently, that means with low complexity and high process performance.

Your challenge: standard monitoring

Basing on our experiences – collected through dozens of customer projects and intensive communication with IT managers in the world of IT integration - we identified one huge gap in SAP PI operation.

SAP focuses its operation transactions on technical specialists, which results in urgently missing functionality for the typical business user.

If you found the single message, but wanted to find a complete communication process, then you are completely lost without tools know how.

Straight through your whole company, you search for information and – in the best case – find it after hours or even days of investigation.

Our solution: Process monitor

„Stop searching, start finding - using our End-to-End Process monitor. “

Our End-To-End Process monitor offers the possibility to supervise all relevant business processes from beginning to end, for both the IT specialists and the business departments. Layout and functionality focus on „the typical Business user “.

With this tool your business users have the possibility to search for business objects by attributes as document numbers or material numbers.

From the transmitter to the receiver, all relevant objects can be checked within one transparent overview.